Saturday, 5 May 2012


Incredible talent!
Joshua knows his voice. He owns it. It obeys his every command. His runs and peaks are an amazing controlled explosion. I do sometimes miss a solid melody though. His singing can make me feel like I'm cruising on smooth, dry road, reliable, easy on my mind....then suddenly hitting a patch of ice.
Joshua is already The American Idol. He has nothing left to prove. He should step aside and give the remaining contestants a shot at the title. Take your star and run with it Joshua!
Could I sit through a Joshua Ledet concert? Possibly.

Presentation -   9
Tone -                rounded, bright.
Phrasing -         8
Passion -           10
Believability -   9
Entertainment -9
Listenability -   8

Jessica's control is excellent. Her runs seem effortless. She was born to sing...and was probably born singing! Her focus is incredible. Once again though, too many runs can be uncomfortable. Considering that she has had to perform songs from what must seem to her like the "dark ages", she has shown remarkable respect. (as have all of the recent contestants.)
Jessica, you are a star.
Could I sit through a Jessica Sanchez concert? Possibly.

Presentation -     9
Tone -                  sharp, bright.   
Phrasing -           7
Passion -             8
Believability -     8
Entertainment -  9  
Listenability -     9

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Love her half-Liverpool accent! She has finally emerged as the worthy contender I knew she always was. She rocked her first song this week, confident, strong and powerful. Her second song was absolutely beautiful! Her best performance so far. It showed the gorgeous, rich tone of her voice with power to spare even at the top of her range. She was both gentle and strong and full of emotion. Gave me goosebumps just like Jennifer Lopez gets...only hers are more attractive. Fantastic job Hollie!
Could I sit through a Hollie Cavanagh concert? Hollie Holy, yeah.

Presentation -        8
Tone -                     rich, smooth.
Phrasing -               7
Passion -                 7
Believability -         8
Entertainment -      8
Listenability -         9

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He certainly does his own thing. He sings with passion and enjoys his time on stage. The girls love him. I'm not so enthusiastic. I'm not moved. I'm left wanting, waiting for something to happen. Maybe if he sang "Couldn't love you more" by John Martyn...( which would actually suit his vocals) and embraced the subtleties of the melody...and the light and shade....then maybe...just maybe, I'd love him a little more.
Could I sit through a Phillip Phillips concert? Only if I was asleep.

Presentation -        6
Tone -                     monotonous, strained.
Phrasing -               5
Passion -                 9
Believability -         7
Entertainment -      6
Listenability -         5

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Incidentally, the Righteous Brothers duet performed by Joshua and Phillip was cruel. It crashed like a wounded duck, flapping hopelessly and ending up on its arse.
The girls group song was fabulous! They should take time out from their solo careers and get together once in a while and perform as a trio.

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