Saturday, 26 May 2012



Jessica Sanchez
Although a powerful vocal, I find that the songs are a little too exhausting to listen to for prolonged periods.
She has a great career to look forward to and I'm certain that a great songwriter will find her.
God bless you Jessica. May your journey be a happy one.

Phillip Phillips
The more I listen to Phillip, the more he grows on me. Whether a ballad or rock song, he delivers a strong and steady performance. His interpretation of songs is consistent, original, and sincere.
His winners song, "Your Home", is a masterpiece! With a hint of Rod Stewart and Sting, the song is totally touching and memorable. It passes "the old grey whistle test" with fling colours!
Phillip's delivery was flawless...the perfect storm. Throughout this competition he has shown great humility,sincerity, originality, and an unwavering adhesion to his unique style.
Phillip, you deserve the title. Your groundedness and sense of humour will serve you well as you rock your way through the madness that is the "music Bizz".
Now the work begins.

12 Finalists
All of the twelve finalists have shown their mettle. They are strong, passionate, and dedicated. Each one deserves admiration and respect for the way in which they handled the enormous pressures of the last few months.
God bless you all.

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